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~ in collaboration with ~

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Do you know what your rights are as a man or a wo/man?

Would you like to live a life that is free to be lived in the way you choose?

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It's Time To Awaken Your Sovereignty From Within.

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For every aspect of your life!

What does sovereignty mean?


What does being sovereign as a man or wo/man actually mean to you?

What are your authentic rights?

What would you do to live a life of peace and harmony?

What is required of you in order to end all conflict and controversy in your life?

When a government organization, law enforcement officer, or person tries to do anything that does not truly support the highest good of your family or your life, do you know how to resolve this, and be supported in your personal choice, having your lawful right to do so upheld?

Are you in full sovereign ownership of your business and money?

Are you afraid for the rights of your children?


Do you have any fear about what may happen to you or the planet over these coming months and years? 


These are some of the most prominent questions we could be asking ourselves at this time.

We, as man or wom/an, creations of the creator, and the creator itself, know that our rights are always required to be 100% upheld in full alignment to the natural laws of creation and the law of unified one.

We know that your rights can never be taken away from you, but you can relinquish your rights; through consent or implied consent, to be contracted and given away as a result.

We also know that we have the authority to reclaim our rights as we so choose, for we know they can never TRULY be taken away; only hidden or forgotten until the time we remember and make a new choice.

A choice that is in service to the whole, for the highest good of all.


Sovereignty is the key that mankind is being asked to finally remember and embody.

Are you ready to reclaim this birthright of divine power and authority?


Are you ready to pave the path of freedom for all?

That path starts here...

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This will be a 12 Week Course, where you will learn...

How to lawfully end taxation, and be able to keep 100% of your compensation from your own work, without ever having to hide or lie about it.

How to protect your family and property against any trespass, without ever needing to fight or defend.

How to be free from oppressive governmental oversight, and from those of mankind who act as agents with titles without ever having to hide or live in fear.

To liberate yourself from fear and receive the tools to overcome the psychological and emotional barriers stopping you from living your life to the fullest!

How to stay in honour and remove controversy from any situation, allowing us to grow and establish the new earth systems and councils in peace and harmony.

Updates on current global events and shifts that are happening over these next 2 years, and why learning our sovereign rights are a top priority for us all.

How to address the court systems to end unlawful actions against yourself or mankind without having to protest, or go through years of legal court for resolution.

How to command your space in a way that ends all forms of psychic attacks, removes parasitic attachments, collapses dark portals, and strengthens your light body system.

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We will be activating and attuning this sovereign encodement to galactic & universal Sovereign Law, so you can embody sovereignty throughout all levels of your being!

We will be anchoring these sovereignty codes into the planetary grids to assist in accelerating the collective reclamation of sovereignty. This means this is not only for you, this is for all!

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It is time to awaken to the truth that has been inside of you all along.

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Aloha Beloved,

We are Reza Raia & Ryan Melchizedek. Together as a Hierogamic Union, we will be guiding you through this 12 week course where you will learn about Sovereign Law and be provided with the tools you need to be sovereign in every aspect of your life. We look forward to getting to know one another as we embark upon this path. Throughout our journey, we have been cultivating the keys to sovereignty and know that now is the time for these keys to be shared with you.


We will be combining our wisdom of sovereignty on a multi-dimensional and universal level along with the wisdom of "The Sovereign's Way" that will show you the way to establishing sovereignty in your physical reality. It is time to live your life the way you choose to and we are here to help you get there. A part of our core mission here is to help as many of mankind awaken sovereignty from within into full embodiment, so you no longer have to be afraid and can live a life of remedy and peace. This is how we reclaim and uphold our power without having to fight or defend. This is the way to freedom.

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~ in collaboration with ~

To read more, check out their website here:

We will be working with their "Knowledge Share" each week throughout this course.

This includes:


  • All the knowledge and tools you need to uphold the law and your rights

  • Over 20 hours of online course material

  • 10 full modules comprising over 60 videos

  • Invite to 3 x 90 minute Q&A clinics during course delivery

  • Access to all recordings past & future of Q&A clinics

  • Full access to all material for life *Lifetime* access to Law For Mankind Graduate Group once course is complete

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We are here to support you in receiving the knowledge, wisdom and tools you require to fully break yourself free from all forms of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bondage.


These are the tools to end all forms of control, manipulation, conflict, and misery.


Can you imagine what that would be like?


The path to sovereignty is one that brings you the wisdom & power to establish peace and bring remedy to any situation in your life. No longer do you need to lie, hide, fight, or defend. You can be yourself; Your authentic self; as a man or a wom/an.


Sovereign Law is upheld in all realms of existence and we will be diving into every facet of it; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 


If your heart is ready for the path of freedom, illuminated in the living light of all that is true, this opportunity is meant for you!

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~ Curriculum ~

Week 1

Initiation into Sovereignty

Live Call #1: Intro to the Course


Live Call #2: Opening Ceremony & Initiating the Keys of Sovereignty


*Dates are subject to change based on the best day of the week for the group*

Week 2

Module 1 - Language 101

Begin "Knowledge Share"

Understanding Reality vs Fiction

How to Avoid the Title Trap

Basic Word Meanings

Live Call #3: Weekly Check-In & Transmission


Week 3

Module 2 - Laws Governing Everything

Principles of Universal Law

The Interplay of Soul Law & Earth Law

Personal Law Errors

How To Balance Yourself Within the Hierarchy of Law

Live Call #4: Weekly Check-In & Transmission


Week 4

Module 3 - The Law Common To i

Language of Your Own Law - Staying Private

How To Stay Private

How to Set Your Own Law for Your Own Property

Basic Notice Writing Skills

Live Call #5: Weekly Check-In & Transmission


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Week 5

Module 4 - Debt

What Debt Really Is and How to Stay Out of It

What To Do if the Tax Man is Hunting You

How to Correct the Record Without Creating a Mess

How to Collect a Debt FROM the man Who Acts as Tax Man

Live Call #6: Weekly Check-In & Transmission


Week 6

Module 5 - Discovery of What is True

How to Identify Any Lie

How to Discover What is True About Anything

How to Identify Your Own Condition of What is True

How to Improve That Condition

Live Call #7: Weekly Check-In & Transmission


Week 7

Module 6 - Man or Wo/Man in Public

How to Communicate with Those of Mankind Who Act as Agents

How to Ask and When to Answer

How to Take Orders and Bill for Your Services

How to Give Notice of What You May Consider to be a Trespass

Live Call #8: Weekly Check-In & Transmission


Week 8

Module 7 - Creating A Claim

How to Compile a Claim

How to Give Notice for Requirement of Court

How to Set Your Own Rules of Court

How to Create Your Own Summons

How to Submit Your Claim at Court

Live Call #9: Weekly Check-In & Transmission


Week 9

Module 8 - Situations & Emotions

How to Respond and Never React

How to Manage Your Emotions in Any Situation

How to Not Create Situations by Dealing with Emotions First

Emotional Preparation for Court

Live Call #10: Weekly Check-In & Transmission


Week 10

Module 9 - Presenting Claim With Mock Court

How to Press Your Claim at Your Court

Present Your Claim Before a Judge